One of America’s most acclaimed outdoorsmen will guide regular people on a wilderness experience that will change their lives forever.

ENTER THE WILD is an inspiring new series for a major cable network. Participants will take a fully immersive course set completely outdoors, and learn time-tested skills of survival from one of America's most acclaimed wilderness experts.

Participants will be challenged physically and mentally as they learn the techniques of survival. Searching for people interested in reconnecting with nature and taking a moment in time to step away from modern constraints.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a competition show. This is NOT “SURVIVOR”. This series follows an authentic journey of a group of people truly living in the woods under the guidance of a master.


Filming will take place over 4 straight weeks tentatively beginning in late March/early April. Participants in the show may be compensated.


  • Men and Women
  • Ages 28-45yrs old
  • All ethnicities
  • Very attractive, educated, personable and successful at their chosen career
  • People with disposable incomes a plus
  • Cool jobs and hobbies a major plus
  • Someone who lives an aspirational lifestyle
  • Varying levels of survival skills
  • People who authentically want a deeper connection with nature and to see the world in a different light


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